Tricia Woolfrey




Whether you want to overcome a problem or to achieve a goal, I have developed a unique and powerful integrative approach to help you achieve transformational change. This helps to neutralise any negative effects of the past as well as creating clarity and positivity about the present and the future so that you can move forward with a sense of confidence and purpose.

An Integrative Approach

My approach, developed through working with thousands of clients like you, is comprehensive, practical and supportive. You can expect to achieve clarity, skills and confidence, as well as more energy so that you get more from life.



My unique approach addresses 5 pillars of change:

  • Psychological (how you think about things)
  • Emotional (your feelings)
  • Lifestyle (how your lifestyle and lifeload impact you)
  • Biological (your health and nutrition)
  • Spiritual (having purpose and meaning helps you transcend many of life’s stressors)

Hypnotherapy is one of the tools I use to help people – it’s a great way of getting your unconscious mind to work for you and it tends to be a lot quicker than conventional therapies. It is particularly good if you feel that you are blocking yourself in any way. I blend this with NLP Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as well as nutrition and bioenergetics to deal with the physical aspects of your wellbeing.

Your No-Risk Guarantee

Finding the right therapist for you can be challenging so I offer a free telephone consultation on 0345 130 0854 so that you can be sure I am the right person for you. I also offer a no obligation first hour in your first appointment – so your appointment is completely risk-free.

How I Can Help You

Anything that stress makes worse, I help to make better. Having said this, I do have some areas of specialisation which include the following:

  • Stress resilience
  • Weight loss and eating disorders
  • Presentation confidence
  • Performance anxiety
  • Self-esteem
  • Anger management
  • Increased energy
  • IBS
  • Stop smoking
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Food Intolerance testing and health coaching

Many of my clients come from the corporate world and the performance industry but I am just as happy working with people from all walks of life on issues which are affecting them. You don’t have to wait a minute more to start to feel better – pick up the phone and find out how I can help you. I can be reached on 0345 13 0854.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about me, visit, or

My Credentials

It’s good to know your therapist is well qualified, so in addition to working as a hypnotherapist since the late 90s, here is a list of some of my qualifications. You will see that they blend mind and body since they are both intrinsically connected:

  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner of Obesity and Eating Disorders
  • Accredited teacher of self-hypnosis
  • Nutritionist
  • Practitioner of food intolerance testing
  • EFT Practitioner
  • EMDR Practitioner
  • IBS consultant
  • Addictions


I am BUPA Registered, Pru Health Registered and Medisure Registered.
I also hold an NHS Provider Code 8GC39.


I also act as a supervisor to other hypnotherapists.


If you have any questions, I will be happy to deal with them and – just call me on 0345 130 0854. I look forward to hearing fom you.